EGAS has held ISO9002 certification for ground support quality assurance since 1996. We apply best practices to standardized ground-handling procedures, ensuring safety and quality. To support the success of our ground teams in safe, efficient operations, we have developed approximately 300 handling procedures and operational guidelines.

EGAS recruits team members who are bright, talented and innovative. We use our Manpower Forecast System (MFS), a proprietary computer program that we developed, to monitor up-to-the-minute operational status and synchronize allocation of ground-handling resources.

We have established a strict scheduled maintenance program for all of our ground-support equipment. This way, we ensure EGAS’ reliability and energy-efficiencies. We also invest in the most advanced ground- support equipment and vehicles available.

Our mission is to provide safe, efficient ground services to airlines. And we encourage every member of our knowledgeable, professional team to do his or her best to meet our customers’ expectations and fulfill their requirements.